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SAP Upgrade Services

Upgrading SAP can be a complex process. SAP upgrades are of three categories — technical, functional and strategic services to help accelerate business growth, reduce cost and mitigate risk. That’s why Matrix have created a practice focused specifically on SAP upgrades which is dedicated to provide solutions and resources needed to manage and deliver all levels of SAP Upgrade projects.

The role of an SAP MDM Consultant is different from that of a technical consultant .As a SAP MDM Consultant one should have a better view for both – the business side as well as technical side.

With these services, we can help you:

  •   Efficiently plan an enterprise-wide upgrade, including testing and quality assurance.
  •    Code conversion and data migration.
  •  Documentation.
  •   Instance consolidation.
  •   Better understand what Unicode conversion will mean for your SAP environment.
  •    Amount of custom code, data and users.
  •    Migrating an SAP environment from source to target and testing to ensure the project has minimal impact on the business.