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Expectations from SAP MDM Consultant:

SAP Net Weaver Master Data Management (SAP Net Weaver MDM) is an enabling foundation for enterprise information management – providing a single version of master data for supplier, product, customer, or user-defined data objects in heterogeneous environments. Working across disparate systems, SAP Net Weaver MDM ensures cross-system data consistency through interactive distribution. It integrates business processes across the extended value chain, delivering functionality to enable:

The role of an SAP MDM Consultant is different from that of a technical consultant .As a SAP MDM Consultant one should have a better view for both – the business side as well as technical side.

1. MDM Consultant should not only be technically strong but should have a wider view for the Business for which he/she is working for.
2. MDM Consultant should not only know the technologies of MDM but should try to wider there view for all the different platforms that are used with MDM such as Net weaver , XI, Tibco , ABAP etc.
3. Consultants having the knowledge of all these platforms would not only enhance their knowledge but would also provide them an upper hand among his/her colleagues in their company.

Our Consultants have worked on Minimum 3 MDM Projects and we can provide you with the following consulting Services:

  •   Design solution using SAP MDM.
  •    Build MDM repository.
  •  Facilitate Data load and syndication.
  •   Develop MDM solutions for workflows, de-duplication, validations etc.
  •   Perform Unit tests.
  •    Complete MDM Project documentation.
  •    Aid integration tests.