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Customization & Enhancement

Software enhancements and customizations are done to meet client’s needs; to make an application fit to client exact requirements or meeting all users’ needs and demands.

We customize any software application to fit all requirements for all jurisdictions. We follow a 3 step process involving

Documentation – We document all integration points where customization or enhancement is required. A list of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), connectivity methods, and database alterations is stated in a single document that is easily compared to final software version.

Communication – We discuss the changes in the latest version with the client. We find out if there are any enhancements to the software which require customization. We check for any “back-end” changes that will alter the way the customization impacts the software.

Testing – We thoroughly test the customizations to ensure compatibility. We use the same test scripts that we create when the customization was first put in place. If these product enhancements have given good results then we complete the final hand over to client after a rigorous test.

Customization and Enhancement

Opulent soft technical/functional/DBAs together have delivered quick solutions to meet Oracle EBS Customizations and Enhancements for several Oracle EBS users, we have created a number of solutions worth saving and making available to other clients and the world.

    •    General Oracle EBS Customizations:
    •    Data –Standard Oracle EBS product doesn’t capture the specific data that are desired and required
    •    Functionality – Standard Oracle EBS product does not possess the desired processes and/or features that are desired and required.
  •    Types of Oracle EBS Customizations:
  •    Configuration – The use of delivered functionality to capture and process custom organization data [e.g., Profile Options, Descriptive Flex Fields (DFF’s) and EBS Security Setups (Function and Data)].
  •    Personalization – The use of delivered functionality to modify the standard Oracle EBS visual, look & feel and data display characteristics [e.g., Forms Foddering and UI tailoring (color, display), etc.].
  •    Extensibility – Developing and deploying custom or 3rd Party code to augment the delivered Oracle EBS product (e.g., Custom Forms, Reports, CUSTOM.PLL, 3rd Party Software integration, and other methods).
  •    Workflows: Modified existing Workflows such as Approval Workflows, Account generator workflows and several others.
  •    Approval Management Engine (AME): Modified existing Transaction Types     and leveraged the complete capabilities of AME
  •    ADI: Used existing and created several new ADI enabled spread sheets for use  by End users.
  •    Oracle Extensions
  •    Oracle Material Resource Planning (MRP)
  •    Data Warehouses
  •    Imaging Applications
  •    Internet Portal
  •    Internet and Intranet Applications
  •    Custom Developed Oracle Extensions
  •    Web Enablement and Integration